Kris Zielinski
Kris Zielinski

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Kris Zielinski

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I can take care of implementation​,​ proper integration and optimization of your CRM environment. Let's give your processes more speed and make you more competitive on the market. I'm most familiar with Pipedrive CRM but also willingly work with different softwares. Here are examples of tasks that I can do for you: - Determining optimization​/​development potential (routine​/​repeatable tasks)​,​ - Data migration & structuring​,​ - Automatizing of lead generation​,​ - Creating workflow automation (internal and external)​,​ - Mailing and calendar integration​,​ - Creating automatized mailing campaigns​,​ - Meeting system setup​,​ - Suggesting additional applications to solve specific problems​,​ - Third-party software integration​,​ - Preparing tutorials for your team and providing necessary training. Thanks to the cooperation you will: - Save time for doing routine tasks​,​ - Organize your processes and make them more efficient​,​ - Have your team trained to use the system properly. Open for new opportunities. Feel free to invite me to your project. All the best​,​ Kris



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Wrocław, Polska